Tuesday, December 30, 2008

leaking pipe

last night was a torturing night for me. had the running nose. physically exhausted and the immune system went downhill all the way. caught it from my 4 years old niece. in my sleep ... probably a pint of my ooze kept on flowing out. wonder if you could die in your sleep by chocking on your own ooze. frustrated and disgusted, thanks to karvol i could breathe again! amen!

note to cheekypay : my red button nose could probably join rudolf the red nose raindeer.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

razer DeathAdder

damnnnn!!! drool over my new toys!!

temptation is too great! had to get one for my lil bro too. he better love me to bits from the pampering that i am giving him. as a gamer, this is it! in comparison to your regular mouse, glides smoothly like you've never felt before. the reponsiveness is great! like any vain chick, i like the glowing blue light which flickers gradually every other second. i'm still not use to the idea of managing 5 buttons. best price for a deathadder is at the range of rm193/= .

note to cheekypau : razer rules!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

wonderful date ~20th Oct 2008~

this is a significant date to remember. my favourite sor hai surprised me with a bouquet of flowers, great dinner and excellent quality time. the ride came on time for that wonderful date. barely settled down to fasten my seatbelt, at that spur of moment, was caught off-guard when sor hai screamed ... "surprise!!!". the flowers were nicely tucked at the back seat of the car and i should have known something was up when i first saw that funny grin on his face. the night ended well. more than what i've expected. very sweet. yup, will definitely remember.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

signs of biang

this is hilarious! i have not seen anything like this. it's in bahasa language. what happened to the translation "on-heat", "standing-heat" and "heat"??? hmmm ... let me try ... "pasang-haba", "berdiri-haba" and "membahang". hahaha!

note to cheekypau : when you see a cow or bull walking towards you in slow motion, RUN!!! on-heaaaaaaaat!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

a holiday in phuket, thailand

been there twice and it's still a pleasurable place to visit. a CHEAP vacation and a chance to shout out that you've been OVERSEAS.

would be ideal if you could travel in a group of 4 - 5 during non-peak season (desperate to make a living and you will have the negotiation power). if there is a fair bit of site seeing and a need for a car, rent one at the airport. always negotiate for the best price and as low as possible. toyota corolla (older version) costs about rm70 a day. as for the accommodation, would advise you to either study the reviews and book online or take the risk to hunt and book upon arrival (request to view first) and then negotiate the rates further.

what are the attractions? will highlight a few only ....

ACCOMODATION : for a high-end escape, check out bayan tree phuket. a place which offers seclusion, luxury and romance. 30 minutes away from patong beach. worth staying in one of their villas. rm1000++ per night for it's deluxe villa. the bathtub is awesome! i can't seem to upload my video. takes forever to do so. so please do spare some time to check out their official website at http://www.banyantree.com/en/phuket/index.html .

FOOD : yummy yummy authentic green curry, tom yam soup, pandan chicken, seafood, otak-otak, beef noodle, mango sticky rice, banana pancake, BK's pork burger, local bbq cuisine and lots more. this particular place, phuket thai village, offers a nice scenery while eating.

ENTERTAINMENT : lots of pub along the street of patong beach. take your pick. be amused by the she-man dressed in their skimpy clothing.

SHOPPING : unlike bangkok, nothing much to buy except beachwear and handicraft. slash their offer price by a further reduction of 40 - 50%. again, recommended to shop along patong beach.

OTHER ACTIVITIES : you have the temples, crocodile farm (*real crocodiles literally), buggy ride, bungee jump, shooting range club, beaches, water ski, massage parlors, island hoping, henna tattoos, hair braids (famous cornrows) and maybe more .... yet to explore .... enjoy!

Friday, August 29, 2008

mini reunion

recently had a mini reunion with friends that i've not met up for AGES. my small saints friends. lots of changes. from thin to fat. from quiet to talkative. from single to married. from dull to glamorous. from clever to genius. from introvert to ... err ... the same introvert (*frowning and wondering how come no changes??). as for myself, the classic ugly duckling story. i guess god is fair. hahaha.

talked about the younger days. then a friend reminded everyone how cheeky i was back then. he said i made fun of his name. i froze. gosh, how bad was i? we were like .. errr ... 13 years old!

well, KCF is his initials. and i nicknamed him KENTUCKY CHICKEN FRY. surprisingly, he found pride in it and liked it. phew, a sigh of relief as i didn't want to be labelled as a bully. someone then commented, typical of me, cheeky then and still cheeky now, that's me alright.

** yippie! few more reunions on its way. small saints forever! oh ...also ... sabahans forever!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

can't sleep

i'm wide awake and thankfully it's a weekend


i want to sleep but i just can't. any remedies?
at this moment, i envy those who could doze off within a second.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

mind your step

i was out for a movie with a bunch of friends. wonderful stress free event with lots of chit chatting, joking around and minding our own business. one of our friend, walking ahead of us, tried to lead the group to the escalator, supposedly to bring us to the lower ground. suddenly another friend gave a shout out warning that we were heading towards the wrong direction. the escalator was going up instead of down. at that spur of moment, spontaneously, how would you warn your friends in such situation?

1) be careful, it's the wrong side!
2) not there, this side!
3) watch out!

hands up to this friend of mine for coming up with this creative warning.

"ahhhhh!! go lah! goooooo!! i want to see how on earth you would be able to reach to the bottom! go lah!"
(sounds funnier in cantonese)

Friday, August 01, 2008

1 little 2 little 3 little birdie

this little brainless mind of mine is wondering off again. took this photo during one fine morning while reversing my car out to work. i was interested to know how many bird shit could you pile up from this flock of birds. imagine the cleaning! imagine the smell! if you were standing underneath it (in slow motion like matrix), how would you twist and turn to avoid the droppings? if it were to be electrocuted, how many roast bird could you enjoy? if it were to attack you like killer bees, would you sprint off like a mad dog?

Friday, July 18, 2008

(chinese + philipino wedding) i-mei & tony

wonderful wedding between 2 different culture, a modern chinese gal and a westernised philipino chap, which took place at saujana kuala lumpur hotel on 28th June 2008. also attended by guests from singapore, australia, papua new guinea, philipines, macau and uk. a brief description of the bride & groom .... "down to earth and jolly" ^_^

having the privilege to be treated as part of the family, it was interesting to be able to witness the "behind of the scene". wedding stress is a common word to any bride & groom but this bride is extremely lucky to get the assistance from her brother. **ahem** day dreaming the brother returning from overseas in his cloak and red underwear, just like superman to save the day**. the best wedding planner to rely on. as if he has this fullproof checklist scroll kept somewhere in his tiny brain.

morning started off with a sweet church wedding. proceeded to a tea ceremony. then a dinner event. finished off with a drinking party with friends.

they've had really good emcees. jin and charles. jin is with a great personality + passion (had a wonderful conversation and bonding) whereas charles is very funny + ambitous (found a few article on this chap). excellent speeches by the groom, bride, bestman, bridesmaid and both fathers. loved the part where the father of the bride gave a bitter sweet speech. being proud that both children are doing well overseas, giving him an excuse to travel to 2 continents anytime but sad to be left alone at malaysia with their mother ... sob sob

we were all serenaded by a life band singing and playing jazz music. very very very good performance. the singer herself dedicated a wonderful piece to the bride and groom.

my attention was actually caught by the act of "sticking money on the bride and groom", part of a philipino wedding culture. as a romantic song being played at the background, the cute couple would dance away while guests rushing towards the front to clip their notes (spotted lots of currencies) on the bride and groom. it is said to symbolise good luck. enjoyed myself and happy for this wonderful couple.